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What types of medical services, equipment and treatment have been funded through the Jill Fox Memorial Fund?

Braces, cardiac rehabilitation, short-term care giving, communication devices, eyeglasses, hearing aids, hospice needs, lifts (hoyer, barrier, van etc) medical procedures, medical supplies, medications, monitors (apnea, blood pressure, diabetes), nebulizers, orthopedic shoes, orthotics, oxygen supplies, therapies (physical, occupational, speech), prone standers, prostheses, ramps, short term respite care, stair glides, transfer benches, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. 

Who are the recipients of Jill Fox Memorial Fund grants?

The Fund provides grants to people of all ages, races and religions.  It is a nonsectarian, public charity. 

Are there geographical considerations?

At this time, the Fund has limited its recipients to Maryland residents.

How much funding assistance is available?

Each grant request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  The amount of the grant depends upon many factors.  Over the years, grants have ranged anywhere between $50.00 and $3,000.00.  Since the Fund was created to provide a “last resort” resource for medical and healthcare needs, other available funding resources must be pursued first. 

What types of grant requests are disqualified?

The Jill Fox Memorial Fund, Inc. does not provide grants for outstanding (hospital, healthcare or medical bills), medications or therapies beyond a three-month time period, long-term chronic care, basic living expenses (rent, utilities etc,) burial expenses, camp or school tuitions and vehicles.

How long does it take to process a grant request?

The review process can take as little as one day or as long as several weeks.  Generally, the grant applications are reviewed for completeness of information upon receipt. If additional information is needed, then staff will request supporting data.  Given the nature of certain types of medical and healthcare needs, the Fund tries to respond as expeditiously as possible. 

How are grants paid?

The healthcare professional or the social worker that submitted the grant application is also responsible for the actual purchasing of equipment, medication, supplies and the contracting of healthcare services and treatment on behalf of their client.  In this capacity, the professional must also determine whether a service has been satisfactorily rendered or equipment delivered as ordered before payment is made.  Grant payments are mailed directly to the vendor or service provider.  No grants are ever paid directly to an individual or in advance of treatment.

What types of follow-up measures are taken?

Upon approval of a grant request, the Fund sends a grant approval letter to the healthcare professional or social worker.  The approval letter requests a timely follow-up report on the grant recipient and the impact of the medical service or equipment provided.  If a grant is not used within six months of the approval date, then it will be cancelled.

How do healthcare professionals and social workers in the community learn about the Jill Fox Memorial Fund?

The Executive Director of the Fund conducts an extensive marketing program throughout the State of Maryland through in-service presentations to professionals affiliated with hospitals, home health/hospice agencies, health associations and governmental health related agencies.   In addition, social workers and healthcare professionals can call the Fund for information, applications and brochures.

What is expected of the grant recipient?

While not a requirement, a note or acknowledgement from the grant recipient is strongly encouraged.